The name Oren James Klinger is synonymous with great food. Having spent most of his adult life cooking food for very selective palates, he has honed the art of gourmet cooking beyond mortal levels.

Chef Oren James has catered events ranging from Christmas parties to product launches, for groups ranging in size from an intimate couple, to a couple of hundred people. Whether the milieu is a sit-down dinner, or a self-serve buffet, the eaters are always satisfied.

Oren believes that cooking should embody three basic concepts: preparation, presentation, and palate.

  • Preparation should be straight-forward, using the finest, freshest ingredients. Oren buys all of his ingredients raw, never frozen, as close to the source as possible. Early morning trips to farmers' markets provide him with the best selection of quality foods.
  • Presentation is the detail that creates anticipation in the mouth by tantalizing the eyes. Chef Oren James spares no effort to make sure that the first impression properly prepares the palate for pleasure. His dishes are visually artistic.
  • Palate, the third principle of Oren's three-pronged philosophy, is really the primary target, and there is no mistaking this aspect of Chef Oren James' cooking. The meals are scrumptious, resulting in very few leftovers. Even the olfactory sensations seem engineered to delight.

Watching Oren in the kitchen brings to mind a juggler trying to balance hundreds of objects. Every pot, pan, and utensil in the kitchen, as well as all of the food, seems to hover in the air, while Oren stirs, cuts, and chops, until finally, the whole meal coalesces into solid reality.

Chef Oren James' biggest reward comes from seeing the enjoyment of his diners, but he derives added pleasure by orchestrating his culinary visions.